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New Isabel Marant Store Decor by ciguë


This minimalistic elegance and artistic bamboo installation is not a gallery exhibition, is the new Isabel Marant store opening in Bangkok. The fruitful collaboration between her brand and the Paris – based architecture + design practice ciguë continues here in creating signature store interior. With impeccable style and reference to the cultural heritage of the location, in using woven bamboo and natural elements the place becomes more than a store, is an artistic location in the heart of Bangkok.


The great quality of the craft work and exquisite materials – from the polished concrete floors, through the tinted mirrors and bras elements, to the black wood and bamboo, all carry the refined spirit of sophistication and style. Emanating the craft that is symbolic for the local culture and in combination whit contemporary minimalistic elegance the designers create an interior that brings a sensation of esthetic pleasure and comfort to visitors and customers.