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Contemporary Showroom Composition by Pedro Lazaro


This contemporary showroom composition is recently completed by Pedro Lazaro and represents the design of well – known Brazilian furniture brand – Líder Interiores. The space reflects contradictions and dynamic approach toward cultural and traditional values – the play of dark and light, natural and synthetics, “daily” and itinerant analogies is intriguing embodiment of a unique approach towards life and aesthetics.

lider interiores contemporary showroom

luxe comfort furniture

lider fashion modern design aesthetics

entire eucalypt tree corps into space

Introducing an entire eucalypt tree corps into the space, as a symbol of reforestation and juxtaposing it to the urban seen that surround it – makes a strong statement. Synthesizing the Lider’s passion for raw materials and their effort for sustainability the designer alternates elements and textures, materials – leather, wood and synthetics – evoking deeper understanding of fashion, modern design and aesthetics.  The furniture pieces created by the Lider’s designers; Eugenio Sofa, Chaise Mariana, the Armchair Nocchi, screens by João and Luzi represent the dynamic dialog between classic and contemporary, urban and raw, luxe and comfort  and carry the spirit of refine Brazilian design. Nearly 70 years of a brand history, of creating furniture and decorative elements with passion, respect for the traditions and keeping an eye to the feature, are collected and enriched by Pedro Lazaro in this showroom exhibition.

contemporary furniture showroom

furniture pieces created lider designers

contemporary furniture showroom lider

contemporary furniture bookcase lider

contemporary furniture bedroom lider

contemporary luxe furniture showroom lider