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Loft with Mountain View


A dominion of white, style and clear elegance, this mountain apartment in Sofia, Bulgarian, emanates contemporary design, unique architecture and high quality materials. The designer Svetoslav Todorov succeed in reincarnating an atmosphere of serenity and comfort using minimalistic color decoration and high quality materials (different types of exquisite woodwork, row marble and soft textures) while alluding the feeling of move decor ambiance.




The open plan exposition of the apartment and the free merger of spaces create a wonderful stage for stylish sequence arrangement. Thematically linked by the color scheme and wood domination the living areas fallow on another; the reading area in front of the fireplace, with its luxury furniture including the emblematic Eames armchair by Vitra, is followed by dining zone with similar design soft chairs and eye-caching wooden table, modern kitchen and leisure time sofa arrangement with classical forms that completes this urban – lux design. Interweaving simple elegance with luxury materials and bespoke furnishing (especially obvious in the bathroom were the magnificent row marble shower wall is balanced by functional and clear style furnishing) the designer archive creating unique and stylish interior, where the soft textures and colors, oblong corners, mild furniture  and elegant arraignments invite you to stay and relax.