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Modern Spaces Designed with Bamboo


Feng Yu Designs send us two of their designs showing how they use traditional bamboo elements in their projects.



Why did I design this bitter bamboo room? From the beginning, I wanted to design a place which does not look like anywhere else, trying to avoid the characteristics of space as much as possible. Also, I always wanted to explore space in which everything is simple and natural, free from laws and rules but only reflects the original and real status of the space. The technique is simple and plain, and simple materials were used. Everything goes back to the original point, including emotions and techniques, as pure as infants. That is to return to the earth. In this society, “Having” makes us so frivolous, only by returning to the beginning, can we find a way we were on before.

Therefore, the low-cost, simplest, most delicate bamboo was selected as the material, which is an expression of the spatial texture. The basic local folk craft was chosen as the construction method, because this technique is simple but can meet the functions. We avoid the formal crafts, however, this kind of vulnerability and amateur helps us to see the road we were on before. This world is not complicated at all, including design. The truth is people have abandoned the basic emotions or conditions to pursue extra mystery and complexity. Therefore, the world we are living in now has no humanity, no emotions, no self, and no authenticity.

Bitter bamboo room is like a person doing penance. It also symbolizes the modesty and toughness of bamboo. We lower ourselves, and then see this world. Artists retreat, and then show their artistic temperament. This is Bitter bamboo room, that’s it.


Gu Yuan – Specious Feeling  Preface: “Shui long yin”
A garden or not a garden, nobody cares what it is. But I feel the sorrow when it turned into wilderness. Searching for the garden in my dreams, only wake to hear the birds warbling. I couldn’t stop missing the lost culture of China as it lingers in my mind and soul. Now, where has the garden gone? Only the tears remain. Awake. My garden is not worship or prostration to the past, but a vague specious expression. Wandering through the garden, you may or may not walk into the dream that I had. This is GuYuan.