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Attractive Office Space by O+A


The challenge ahead for the architects from O+A was to create this Yelp headquarter office in a tower with many different levels and spaces, but still preserve the communal spirit and establish a vertical “neighborhood” commune. Locating lobby – reception, coffee shop and restaurant, working spaces and leisure time premises on different floors the architects and designers succeed in creating thematically linked and spiritually bound unity of premises. Following the philosophy of creating a space as attractive, comfortable and artistic as possible – so the trip between the floors to be worth a while – the premises of Yelp office become a space worth knowing, no matter on which floor is your workstation located.

yelp headquarter office

yelp office space

attractive comfortable artistic office space

comfortable artistic office space

Wide variety of attractive and creative vintage elements fills-up the spaces – glass candy jars at the reception, bespoke wooden furniture and soft sittings, old time doors and door – knobs (left over after the reconstruction of the building) that carry the memory of time past and true detectives on work and much more clever art and play elements throughout the office.

thematically linked spiritually bound unity premises

unique hand woven fixtures custom lighting

artistic edison bulbs attached untypical constructs

Abundance of magnificent wood cladding and furniture, exposed brick walls and bespoke furniture bring the spirit of style and comfort throughout this Silicon Valley HQ office space. The lighting solutions are also note-wordy and unique – hand woven fixtures for custom lighting, artistic Edison bulbs attached to untypical constructs and many more art-lamps and elements are spread all around this tower of taste and art. Playing particular attention to every small detail of this office, the architects create a truly dynamic and interesting space, where people interact with each other, while – not working but creating.

coffee shop restaurant working space


truly dynamic interesting space

communal spirit establish vertical neighborhood commune

variety attractive creative vintage elements

yelp office interior

yelp headquarter office decor

people interact each other