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Vital and Cozy Seafront Villas


A postcard beauty? – But those villas, with their ocean view and palm tree sunsets are real, vital and cozy Vietnam places. Focusing at the stunning natural surroundings – great sea views, luxuriant plant life and plenty of sunlight, the architects from MM++ Architects set on minimalistic and full of clear elegance interior. The materials they used are natural and basic – bespoke wooden furniture, magnificent timber louvers providing shadow and ventilation without restricting the natural indoor – outdoor flow and, of course, plenty of water premises –  swimming pools and traditional Asian courtyards with local flora and an implicit sense of paradise.

indoor outdoor connecting gardens

stunning natural surroundings great sea views

vital cozy vietnam villa

natural basic bespoke wooden furniture

minimalistic full clear elegance interior

ocean view villas palm tree

The simple architectural elevations that fallow the natural layout, living open the seafront and relaying on a wide floor – to – ceiling windows, guarantee vast open living spaces that invite the sunlight and the view without bordering the space in a traditional architectural sense. Clear lines, dominion of white and natural light are the basic guidelines of the interior. The natural color palate vitalized by the lively green of the plant life and some artistic elements is the perfect setting for this serene and easy-going atmosphere.

vast open living space invite sunlight

luxuriant plant life plenty sunlight

small indoor outdoor connecting gardens

white natural light basic guidelines interior

kitchen living room areas interconnected enriched swimming pools

The countless small, indoor – outdoor connecting gardens and ponds bring glamor and rich scenery to the premise, very cozy like – each bathroom has a private garden with jacuzzi, the entrance hall welcomes you with water – lily pond, the kitchen and living room areas are interconnected and enriched by swimming pools and  luxuriant gardens. Everything, the brightness of space and the clear white lines of the furniture, the plant and water elegance, the materials and textures used throughout the villas, speak of freedom and soft comfort. Truly a place of enjoyment and relax.

natural color palate vitalized lovely green plant

traditional asian courtyards local flora

cozy vietnam villa bedroom

cozy vietnam villa

living open seafront