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Asian Restaurant with Interactive Light Installation


Three dimension art space set within a dramatic triple height premise – the new creation of Atelier INDJ – this breathtaking artistic restaurant that unites the Asian spirit with bold, modern installation. The goal of „subverting perceptions” is achieved – G9 Shanghai – represents a modern artistic collision of technology, industry and luxury. Every element of the project carries its contemporary and dynamic suggestion; from the bespoke furniture, through the breathtaking large scale interactive light installation to the modern material choices – black marble, exposed concrete and gold – like shining brass.





Central furniture piece is the 22m’rs long brass table that extend the space and draws the gaze towards the final touch of the light installation – the trademark of the artists from British Artist INSA – the ‘Graffiti Fetish’ art wall. The collaboration between INDJ and INSA sets the 956 lights of the light installation to merge with the art work, accomplishing a physical manifestation of digital project that literary lightens up the space.  The beautiful brass elements – the  lamps, the grand table and the spiral staircase that leads to the VP section of the restaurant, add glamor and modern sophistication to the urban atmosphere emboldened  from the raw steel constructs and the bare concrete walls.