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Old Factory Turned to Cozy Office Space


That is something else – an office fitout you wouldn’t want to leave at the end of a work day. Warm wood, great view, sophisticated interior, playful notes – swings and comfortable furniture – the Australian architects from Those Architects succeed to turn this old factory into contemporary and cozy office space for Ansarada employees. Preserving the integrity of the space and embodying the client’s core values and believes the architects create a contemporary architectural installation that emanates sophistication, simplicity, and authenticity. Preserving the initial openness and large scale space of the premise and incorporating the preexisting materials (exposed bricks, timber and glass) the designers create various zones, visually dividing the floor panel, retaining a conceptual dialogue between them.







The materials used in composing the space have not only warm and comfortable emanation but also bring authenticity and serve as a reminder for the Australian roots of this global – player company. Soft woven fabrics, bespoke carpets, full grain leathers, magnificent woodwork and interesting artefacts – all in the tonal range, suitable for the Australia natural context, capturing the earthly soul of this mesmerizing continent. Some clever architectural and design solutions, like a custom designed multi – purpose modular furniture, the sound isolating pegboard system that serves a dual purpose – visual installation and a pin-up-ideas board, or the leisure time swings. They all carry the modern, playful spirit and give balanced style of this welcoming work space.