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Vacation Home Combines Warmth of Wood with a Bright Open Interior


If you ever wonder how to achieve a delicate balance between the spirit of vacation hut and contemporary urban style interior and disposed it, nonetheless in a small loft apartment – here is the perfect design example form Fimera. This brilliant project of the Bulgarian design studio, located in a small resort village, includes a wonderful mountain surrounding, Balkan – ethnic tribute and sense of modern urban lifestyle. The secret of this perfectly balanced combination of robust geometric, pragmatic solutions and artistic decorative elements, lies in the creative approach that not only decorates but also connects and gives unmistakable identity to the space.


ethnic-tribute- sense-modern-urban-lifestyle





Fimera usually creates original projects, miles faraway from standard cliches, with a deep understanding for fusion of styles and reverence to ethno-elements and high-art craft works. Part of their unique signature is the creation of the furniture. In this project, all of the furniture is designed from Fimera artists and crafted from small local firms, using high quality wood and textures.  Every element and detail in this small apartment is made with great artistic sensitivity and stylish approach. From the magnificent wood cladding of walls and floors, trough the elegant textures and furnishing, to the beautiful small details like the embroidered ethnic ornament that replicates itself, room after room on unexpected places, or the cute wooden head of a deer on a platform that evokes, with delicate irony, the impression of hunting lounge, that is pending in the air. Once again the Fimera designers find that sweet spot between urban and ethno, surrounding and spirit, where the eclectic fusion becomes more than a style – it’s an art.