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Elegant and Comfortable Family Home


Located in Melbourne, Australia this home addition, to an existing building, has strong presents and comely vernacular style. This suburb house stands out with its characteristic exterior and interior – from the outside the vintage steel framed doors, gable – ended pitched roof, and the robust brick walls represent a beautiful composition that brings the taste of home. The interior is stylish mixture of rustic elements and textures with high quality contemporary furniture and materials, an interesting amalgam that captures the informality of a holiday place providing comfort and elegance.

suburb house characteristic exterior interior

interior stylish mixture rustic elements high quality contemporary furniture

contemporary art pieces old fashion furniture decorative elements

With unconventional approach towards space and architecture the creators from Whiting Architects crafted a home with a minimalistic plan – no doors or corridors; thus no wasted space – transition spaces define the passages; what could have been a corridor becomes a study, no bedroom door  instead  a private sitting area adjacent to the master bedroom. This unusual architecture in combination with some clever and unique solutions (like the bedhead box in the bedroom, or the operable wall panels and, of course, the primary geometry that can be seen all around) transcends fashion and establishes a contemporary and stylish outlook for this home addition.

stylish outlook home addition

suburb house robust brick walls

vintage steel framed doors

contemporary stylish outlook home addition

Color base in black and white provides sufficient space to unleash the spirit of vacation home in combination with modern comfort – contemporary art pieces sits next to old fashion furniture and decorative elements from another time. Wall of bricks and wood panels painted in white and tiles with black and white motives can almost make you smell the sea breeze – throughout the house the creators play successfully with the subconscious perception and create something that transcends the obvious and just feels right intuitively.

transition spaces define passages

corridor becomes study

stylish outlook bathroom

color base black white bathroom


unusual architecture clever unique solutions bedhead box bedroom


home addition