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Luxurious Spacious Villas with Pool


The very luxurious Chinese “Chenglu Sea-view Villa” complex by GAD architecture, situated near by the sea coast of Qingshui Bay International Resort has now two new additions. Extremely modern, luxurious and spacious the two newly build villas have magnificent views and rich gardens in addition to their high quality construct, materials and contemporary looks. The designers and the architecture followed few basic guidelines while creating those modern homes. They placed top priority on providing maximum and all – dimensional sea view experience- hence the horizontal layout and open, transparent structure of the premises. Maintaining open dialogical connection whit the outside and the nature were also important, so there is an abundance of ritual gardens, courtyards and water premises.

newly build villa

sea view villa

courtyard water premises

newly build villa luxury pool

extremely modern luxurious villa

modern luxurious villa outdoor

The materials used in constructing and furnishing those elegant homes are, of course high quality wood, stone, metal and have the goal of creating different space experience – being smooth, shiny and mild – modern luxury all around. The textures and contemporary furniture used in furnishing the houses keep the standard on a high level and add elegance and sophisticated simplicity with their clear shapes and neutral color themes. Delicately mixing Asian house traditions (especially visible in the gardens and courtyards construct, the crafted wooden lattice and the dominion of low, comfortable furniture) with the latest modern trends in architecture the creators succeed in establishing quality and style for the habitants of those villas.

extremely modern luxurious villa outdoor pool

newly build villa modern luxury pool area

garden water premises

elegant sophisticated diningroom furniture

furnishing elegant home

open dialogical connection outside nature

latest modern trends newly build villa