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Cool Industrial Rustic Decor of Forum Club


Nir Portal and Shahar Weiss has designed a new  ‘Forum club’ at Beer Sheva, Israel. After 25 years of running business and becoming the most legendary club in the desert periphery of Israel, the ‘Forum’ had to relocate to a new space and to invent itself from the beginning. Spread over his 2000 sq.m., the new forum, have become the reason youngsters are driving 1.5 hours from the center to participate in its parties.









Design guidelines instructed us to create a layout and changing atmosphere so the club could host parties, events, and concerts. As per design concerns, it actually meant that we cannot design the club in totally dark space with only lighting fixtures that will create an atmosphere, but to treat it as a high end design cause some of the events will be very lighted. In order to create hierarchy spaces, we have created tribunes rising from the ground floor to 1st floor. Thus tribunes serve both party and concert show. iI separates crowds and enables unhidden views during thus events, and preform perfectly in case of siting concert. All railing of tribunes and gallery has led lighting that project thru the glass, creating a strong image of the layout. A custom made halogen table lamps creates contrast warm lighting.




In club area we planted sixteen alcohol bars, all lighted in a same way as railing. Above each bar hanged an alcohol display made of steel net and metal frame. Major club walls covered with OSB printed panels. Graphics on panels were designed to bring atmosphere of industrial yet warm atmosphere, thus wall was washed with narrow beam spotlight, to create dramatic boundaries to club. Six hundred led tube are hanged from ceiling, each tube has its own IP address, so all ceiling can act as huge screen controlled by light jokey. Five meter high moving acoustic screen can divide the space into four separate small clubs; each can have its own DJ and music. Except for the main hall, the club has a lot of hidden and more intimate areas, for different hang out. Little love nests, hidden from eyes, is spread all around so lovers can find a quiet corner just to their selves.  Photographer: Guy Franko