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Functional and Contemporary Work Place by Studio Guilherme Torres


This modern and artistic office located in Sao Paulo, Brazil is created by the conceptual architects from Studio Guilherme Torres. The space is constructed and designed in accordance with the preexisting architecture of the building and dynamic correlation with the surroundings and the city life, leading to the creation of harmonic, functional and contemporary work place. Aiming for slightly urban and industrial climate, the designers used monochromatic color palette, exposed concrete ceiling, T5 lighting solution, retained cement slab and white polymeric for the floors.





But this austereness of materials and structures is revitalized by the general art approach of the designers visible in the all the small (and some of the big) details around the office space. The walls of the main premise capture inexplicably the visitor attention. The three, basic for the office, colors in the form of glass bricks compose a kaleidoscopic and artistic wall, which captures and filters the daylight and the electricity at evenings. The staircase connection between the floors is coated in forma and by clever use of its architectural shape, made housing niches and drawers for computer equipment and workbooks.







The dominion of black, white and gray is mitigated by some colorful art pieces and soft textures and carpets – still the basic lines of the furniture (designed mainly by the Studio Guilherme Torres) remain straight and clear. Black surfaces, chairs and tables throughout the office and black aluminum shutters controlling the brightness of the light coming through the windows, in combination with skeleton paintings and sculptures gives certain dark-age aura to the space, but without compromising its efficiency and style.