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Restored Stone Farmhouse with Pool


Restoration and transformation of an old Catalan farmhouse bring us to an eclectic fusion of rustic and smooth, ancient and modern, light and earthly – with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The Dutch ZEST Architecture – that had undertaken the project of restoring this amazing stone house had very strict ecological and sustainable policy. They had, not only utilized as much it’s possible of the old materials, but also used natural products and local technics for creating the clay walls, locally harvested and produced a cork for the isolation and the crown jewel – the magnificent natural pool, whose waters are naturally filtered by plants and gravel. The architects had also installed a heating/cooling system that uses geothermal installation.






The interior design uses the unusual and at the same time classy look of the natural materials – beautiful massive stone walls with huge window openings, solid wood structures and furniture, smooth and simple clay walls combined with soft vital textures. Light beams and shining dots energize the simplicity of the furnishing and the big open spaces; the color palette has impeccable balance between the neutrals and the bright pastels in the textures.  In a way, the abundance of natural materials in the construct and decor of the house is conditioned by the stunning natural surroundings. Is like, the views of the National Park of cork oak and the distant glimpse of the Mediterranean, predispose the use of wood, clay, stone and water. So finally, due to its renovation, this old house becomes a home for the natural elements – the water, stone, earth, wood and light meet and interact with no restrictions – where the new and the old will melt and transfuse over time.