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Elegant Victorian Residence by Kennedy Nolan Architects


With delicate artistic suggestions and allusions in the shape, color and texture the designers from Kennedy Nolan architects succeed in embodying it to this old Victorian house the elegant spirit of Asia design. The project is located near Melbourne – Australia and has the benefit of beautiful natural surroundings and dynamic landscape- that in the beginning created a bit of architectural conundrum because of the long and narrow slope that was hosting the house location. But with clever architectural approach and great environmental respect Kennedy and Nola succeed to create a contemporary, fully functional family home that emanates tranquility and style.

living room leather sofa

openness brightness space

kitchen decor

contemporary functional family home

peaceful ambiance soft colors

dark wood characteristic fluidity room creates

dark wood dining table

soft colors natural materials


Following the project brief the architects create energy efficient and resources independent house- placing solar panels, water storage and cross ventilation system (noticeable at the courtyard and a swimming pool) they also extend the house friendship with the nature by inviting the natural light, the plant life and the magnificent views inside the home, through the spacious windows and glass walls. This openness and brightness of space combined with restrained color palette, dark woods and characteristic fluidity of rooms creates, if not the visual effect, the sensation of Far-Eastern style with its interior calm. Without direct references or Asian furniture, but rather with discreet functionality in combination with a peaceful ambiance, soft colors and natural materials in rounded shapes the architects succeed to create a smooth atmosphere that evokes memories of Orient and far-East exotic tranquility.

energy efficient independent house

victorian house pool area

spacious windows glass walls

victorian house elegant spirit asia design