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White Jungle Outdoor Furniture Decor by Dedon


A remarkable vision of garden in marvelous white color is hosting a series of exotic Dedon furniture at Salone del Mobile. The stand is decorated with trees, leaves, vines and flowers. The jungle inspired it. This monochromatic but exotic garden is the perfect location for exhibiting the new Dedon models for outdoor furniture. They are made mainly by natural materials in bright colors.


marvellous-white-outdoor- decor



Based on a concept by designer Daniel Pouzet and drawings by his wife, Marilena Oprean, the stand aimed to marry ‘the drama of the tropical wilds with the restraint of a white cube gallery.’ The jungle was constructed with white aluminum panels, laser-cut to form layered silhouettes of richly articulated tropical foliage – leaves, flowers, branches and more. Panels were bent to form a series of alcoves for displaying furniture and conducting meetings within the midst of the wild.