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Glamorous Residence in Sao Paulo


This glamorous residence in Sao Paulo –Brazil is created by Studio Guilherme Torres. The family home captures the imagination with its magnificent materials and textures, its contemporary atmosphere and with the luxurious vegetation penetrating the living arias. The surrounding gardens are cleverly designed to merge whit the interior – the ground floor living rooms are transformed into balconies that have natural passage with the outdoor and welcome the plant life into the indoor premise. Beautifully tiled wood, stone walls and soft textures create comfortable and bright atmosphere.

living area blue decor

beautifully tiled wood stone walls soft textures interior

living room transformed large balconies

furniture collection vintage pieces

living room walls contemporary artwork

living area

house walls exhibit surfaces contemporary art

The furniture is an impressive mixture of contemporary pieces, strong vintage presents and some heritage memorabilia. The walls of the house become an exhibit surfaces for contemporary art, the play of shadow and light creates dynamic dialog between nature and architecture. The bright yellow panels project the natural light and correspond wonderfully whit the deep brown of the wooden surfaces and the vital green of the plant life. Throughout the premise, the color play is dynamic and harmonic, maintaining and somehow magnifying the style and artistry of the shapes and textures used in the design.  If you could imagine a contact point where Japanese minimalistic villas meet the hot Brazilian temperament and contemporary art gallery, this residence will be at its center.

contemporary art gallery

dynamic harmonic art decor

dining area

dining area strong vintage presents

surrounding gardens

dynamic dialog between nature architecture

residence designed full integration garden living areas

house protected street stone wall