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Wooden High Froc Chair for Toddlers and Kids


Froc is a product of Rimarket, a family company based in Slovenia, EU. Together with design studio Gigodesign they developed a new wooden High chair Froc for toddlers and kids. Froc was awarded as the most innovative product at Ambient, Slovenia’s biggest furniture fair.


Froc is an adjustable high chair for playful kids and their frisky parents. It is characterized by smart features, superior stability and natural materials. We’ve developed Froc with parents in mind, who want to ensure a completely safe, yet relaxed and carefree childhood for their kids. Froc was developed, designed and manufactured in Slovenia amidst one of Europe’s most forested areas.


The Froc high chair adjusts to your child using three simple adjustments: the seat and footrest heights and the backrest position. When your kid does not need a safety belt, it can be removed easily. Froc will accompany your child from the age of 6 months to 10 years old.


Froc was designed to ensure your child maximum safety. The chair is mounted on a solid leg with four extensions, ensuring the chair is always balanced, as the center of gravity is always at the chair’s center. This ensures superior stability in every moment, even when your child leans over, climbs on the footrest or other tricky actions. High chair Froc is available in five different colors (green, blue, orange, white and purple). Froc chair is available to buy online from all over the world. Froc is priced at €149.