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Elegant Eco-Friendly Beach Residence


House by the water – a lake and the ocean are nearby- abundance of light, great views, warm wood, stylish glass and perforated steel. This family residence located at Southampton; New York is designed by Bates Masi Architects. The materials used to assemble the house a quite peculiar and interesting and deserve a bit of special attention. Preserving the interior color palette – clear, and natural – the designers allow the material choices to stand out and dominate the space.



elegant-clear- natural-material-contemporary-furniture






First, there is the main construct material – the steel – that goes under some custom transformations and voilà – the solid steel transition into perforated panel – and it becomes not only a structure bearer, but also a decorative furniture component. It can be found as a decorative element in a dining room chandelier, or artistic platform for staircase and desk, or even as wardrobe in the bedroom. It’s used also as a stable wall that’s holding shelving and countertops in the kitchen or for constructing and reinforcing the walls that hurricane prone with high force winds. Thanks to the new technologies, fabricating a customized panels form standard products, gives to the architects and designers a great freedom of creativity and that is used for the benefit of modern and comfortable house interior. The other material that the creators used in abundance is, of course the magnificent and stylish untilled wood. The majestic American oak is used not only for floor, wall and ceiling cladding but also as furniture and decorative ornaments – using also, at times, its natural shape and texture and in that way inviting the forest into the home. Elegant and clear this natural material in combination whit contemporary furniture, custom made lighting solutions and artistic fabrics creates a comfy and stylish premise to inhabit.

elegant-clear- natural-material-building