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Hotel with Concrete Walls and Vintage Decor


Exposed wires and raw concrete walls, colorful furniture and unique textures are the first eye catching impressions of this newly refurbished Line Hotel in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. This amazing hip hotel is housed in a mid-century building that now is restored, renovated and re-imagined with the vital interiors by Sean Knibb.





The hotel concept reminds us, a bit, of a colorful whipping top – when it spins it’s a blur of colors, but if it stops you can see the true pattern. So in this wonderland interior there is more than what you see at the first glimpse – for example; some of those industrial concrete walls are actually photographs of striped concrete – artistic and creative wallpaper. What about those amazing colorful upholsteries of the chairs? In reality they are vintage Mexican serapes that add color, texture and spirit of heritage into the rooms.




Speaking of textures, fabrics and materials – check out this recycled aluminum that adds light and glamour to the restaurant, or the carpet runner for the Line hallways. Those carpets are made from Knibb’s favorite paisley – does not matter what is fashionable; the designers have a passion for celebrating the undervalued in the urban environment, elevating the quotidian in innovative, artistic and unique ways.





Spacious floor-to-ceiling windows reveal the Los Angelis scenery that in reality is nested and inserted at the hotel soul.  The horizontal shades – that guests can operate electronically – are with two faces, creating the interior as well as the colorful exterior of the facade. Using pinches and accents of bright color the designer’s jazz up the monochromatic guest rooms and bring live and vitality into the whole premise. The colorful cushions, tables, furniture, garden chairs and designer’s lamps are strong focal accent at the interior. In the essence – a bit of cement chic, unique lighting solutions and textures, amusing mid-century flickers and colorful furniture – the artistic atmosphere of Line hotel.