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Minimalistic Taiwanese Loft by Oliver Interior Design


This minimalistic Taiwanese loft – designed by Oliver Interior Design – captures the attention with its simple, yet modern and dynamic interior. The main area adopts an open patterns exposition uniting entrance, kitchen, dining and living area and creating a vast space with specific depth of view. The magnificent marble partition and floor with their shiny surfaces create a dynamic contrast with the contemporary wooden furniture and the timber cladding of the walls. Interesting decorative element in the living area is a small space divided behind the partition where limber – shaped stonewall meets the wooden floor (in an opposite material selection, contrasting with the rest of the living space) and metal racks host a small art collection.

minimalistic taiwanese loft

simple modern dynamic interior

contemporary wooden furniture timber cladding dining room

magnificent marble partition floor

shaped stonewall meets wooden floor

open patterns exposition uniting entrance

The apartment has five bedrooms and each one of them has its own character and interior decoration. Although each room has a different color and tonality base, different furnishing style or cladding material, they all possess the minimalistic and refine simplicity characteristic for the whole residential project. In the master bedroom, the stylish wood cladding of the walls and ceiling is straightened by gorgeous wooden parquet and exposed brick walls. Throughout the apartment the materials, textures and colors adorning the premises are simple, clear and stylish, the architectural shapes and the contemporary furnishing provoke the interest with their rouse shapes and lines.

gorgeous wooden parquet

bedroom character interior decoration

bedroom refine simplicity

minimalistic bedroom refine simplicity

tv set bedroom interior