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Elegant Simple and Long-lasting Furniture by Paola Lenti


The Milan furniture show Salone Internazionale del Mobile opened its doors – to show the latest novelties from the best design brands. They offer a full range functional and elegant, simple and long-lasting furniture. Concepts and trends are always set in the most attractive and challenging way for the audience.


During the International Design Week (8th/13th April 2014), Paola Lenti will present the 2014 collection at the Chiostri dell’Umanitaria. The importance that the Company has always attributed to “beauty”, intended as the totality of its forms of expression, leads to a meticulous choice of materials, resistant and yet environmental friendly and to a unique colour palette. This is a result of continuous aesthetic research and of the interpretation of colour as focus of the visual space; a vivifying and balanced bond between nature and product. The daily work of Paola Lenti Company is the result of thoughts that, through the geometry of pure shapes, bind tradition to modernity, lightness to precision, beauty to functionality, abiding in surroundings that create a unique view, towards a horizon without boundaries. Now in its twentieth year of activity, the Company confirms its personal vision of living centered on the philosophy of functional and elegant, simple and long-lasting furniture. Just in the year of this anniversary, Paola Lenti presents an important news, the first proposal for interior decoration. Once again creativity and quality are the result of real efforts, humble attempts, team work and a meticulous attention to every detail.



Resort shading structure by Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners

Designed by Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners, the Resort system for the exterior combines high tech steel and aluminium elements, purposely conceived with the simplicity and lightness of the design: pure forms, which can be set side by side or assembled to create large protected spaces, highlighting the qualities of the new Paola Lenti signature fabrics for the exterior. For the exterior, Paola Lenti introduces also Bistrò, closable sunshade available both in a flat and a dome-like version. Mogambo, fixed sunshade, is featured by the hand woven cover. The sunshades can be completed by the Clique series, poufs and side tables available in different dimensions.


Fabrics and rugs by CRS Paola Lenti

The design and production of signature fabrics, the attention devoted to the technological evolution of materials, the value credited to handicraft techniques have always been the most recognizable features of a collection of furniture and rugs which have become, over the years, true reference points for the eclectic universe of outdoor furniture. Paola Lenti not only enhance her collection of fabrics for the exteriors, but introduces now the results of a long and meticulous research on the materials for the interiors, like the new and unprecedented weaves of the fabrics Viva and Jazz.