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Innovative Modular System by StudioPANG


Cubic is the innovative modular system consisting of three modular elements designed by studioPANG. This basic geometric shape create countless others. Each of the elements can be placed on all sides, to build chairs, tables and stools. Cubic is lightweight and easy to handle, made ​​of white painted aluminum and Burmese Teak slats made by the Italian company DÉCO.

pool area modul furniture

Fabio Damiani and Mark Quistini of studioPANG explain: ” Cubic is a system of outdoor furniture designed to showcase a Deco product in the form and rigorous attention to detail, but at the same time flexible and playful in countless combinations it offers. Starting from the simplicity of three different modular elements that interact with each other.”

outdoor furniture white painted aluminum burmese teak slats

cubic modul system

outdoor furniture white painted modul

cubic system outdoor area

modul build chairs tables

cubic system outdoor furniture

cubic basic geometric shape