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Stylish Apartment With Fantastic View


A delicate, light and stylish living area whose fluid effect is further emphasized by light stoneware flooring.  Apartment Sch are designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group. You will be fascinated by the elegant living area with large comfortable sofa in modish beige. Lighting is like a luxury jewelry. Also, there is an extensive collection of paintings that are adorning the walls of this modern home. Game zone is separated from the kitchen with an attractive metal curtain. Kitchen is a high-gloss lacquer unit in white. Solid wood table, which creates a dynamic contrast, is combined with upholstered green chairs.

stylish apartment fantastic living area

stylish apartment fantastic dining area

stylish apartment fantastic kitchen

attractive metal curtain dining room

attractive metal curtain

stylish apartment fantastic cozy sofa

stylish apartment fantastic bedroom

stylish apartment luxury bedroom

extensive collection paintings