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Passive Recyclable Pop-Up House


The Pop-Up House was invented by Multipod Studio it`s a passive building. The main idea is to make a passive house accessible to all. The building is easily built, as simple as building with Lego. The materials are lightweight. Economical, durable, recyclable, the Pop-Up House has all the house of the future. A pioneering project that invites you to think differently about the habitats of tomorrow.

multipod studio modern interior decor

central living room 60s.m.

five meter island kitchen

wall entirely made glass

interior dark warm tones floor walls ceiling

The central living room of the Pop-Up House covers 60 square meters. The five-meter island kitchen is made of the same materials as the walls, blending perfectly into the heart of this open space. One wall is entirely made of glass, erasing all barriers between interior and exterior spaces. It makes the environment an integral part of the Pop-Up House. Omnipresent natural light counterbalances the predominantly dark, warm tones of the floor, walls and ceiling. The result is a warm, ambiance enhanced by the use of raw materials − oak door frames, baseboards, flooring and ceiling − and matte anthracite-colored cement particle board wall treatment. Lighting fixtures and furniture are custom-made by MultiPod.

recyclable passive house

durable recyclable passive house

passive building

pop up houses small minimalist space

small minimalist space

wooden panels absorb distribute solar energy

multipod studio house plan