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Inspirational Traveler’s Apartment by Studio Goodnova – Godiniaux


Inspired by adventure and world travel, this small apartment is a bold project combining crafts and materials from around the globe to pinpoint the soul of the owner ( a globe – trotter ) and the contemporary and artistic vision of the architects – the Parisian studio Goodnova – Godiniaux. The apartment is situated in Moscow – Russia in brick building built on the traces of a former factory and on its limited space scale the designers and craftworks take the travel as a departing point of inspiration.




No doubt the central focal point and art piece- furniture is the giant trunk – wardrobe in the entrance hall, it opens towards different rooms including the bathroom where it incorporates a mirror. Its oval corners and the natural wood material correspond nicely with the rest of the “wardrobes” spread through the apartment.




Nice continuity is achieved throughout the apartment by using a single timber material for cladding, although every premise has its one identity thanks to different artistic solutions. Carpet of colorful cement tiles in the kitchen, concrete and tiles with whimsical balloons in the bathroom and interesting bookshelf wallpaper in the office.  Like the immense diversity of the world this apartment is filled with artful elements and details, furniture with unusual and unique forms and wide variety of colors and materials that all together give playful identity and esthetic elegance of the space.