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Amazing South Africa Luxury Home with view of the Atlantic Ocean


Spaciously open toward the ocean and filled with light – another amazing South African house situated near Lion’s Head and with fantastic views over the Atlantic Ocean.  The building architecture provides clean geometric lines and dynamic interior space. The designers reflect that fact in the choice of furnishing and linearly painted textures and without jeopardizing the volumetrically dramatic outlook of the spaces succeed to create elegant, warm and comfortable home.

clean geometric lines living space

cleverly selected wooden furniture

two level floor living area

dramatic vertical space

Many of the dynamic architectural solutions like the s-curved separation of the master bedroom, the two-leveled floor that modulates the large living area and the infinite hanging terraces, give the unique and unforgettable atmosphere of the house. But no doubt the set of walnut shutters and its reflection of the intense sunlight, gives the first glamorous impression of the space. The walnut wood plays a significant role throughout the interior – as ornaments, furniture and even as art elements. That knack gives continuity and impeccable artistic touch to the decor.

amazing south african house interior

softer intimate interior decor

softer intimate interior

large living area

dramatic dynamic interior space

amazing south african house outdoor

The interior design does its part straightening the unique architectural giving’s and brings them to the next level of enjoinment and appreciation by cleverly selected wooden furniture, elegant textures and amazing art pieces and sculptures. The elegant choice of black, white and charcoal for a color base allows the natural wood color to become a focal point in the scheme without predominating the other colorful touches.

master bedroom

s curved separation master bedroom

amazing south african house decor

amazing south african house