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Decorative Concrete Design for Modern Interiors


When an unusual, in the art sphere, material clashes with fire and light our perceptions are challenged. We continue to explore the wild versatility of concrete use as a material with growing popularity in the art of interior design. It’s time to see cement and concrete in literary new light – a candle-holder, fireplace, a lamp – all together illuminate the artistic use of this rough material as something not only futuristic but in truth elegant and even airy at times. It is impressive to observe how the wet coldness of the concrete juxtaposed the live warmth of the fire or the solid base of the cement compliments the fragile structure of bulbs and candles.



The clean classical forms of these lamps gets new dimensions thanks to the unconventional approach towards the materials and their mixture. Concrete on top, wood on the bottom or the other way around, preserving the natural colors or adding a colorful pinch, either way they bring strong modern and urban sensation to any decor.


And those small finishing touches irreplaceable in any stylish interior – the candle-holders. In this contemporary solution the shape, which the concrete is sculptured in, is inspired by the tree branches and can be modulated as you please or as it’s suitable for your interior.


The use of concrete in the construction of fireplaces is probably the most common of its uncommon uses.  EcoSmart Fire outdoor fireplaces are interesting and impressive examples of fusion between the simplicity of classical fire sets and the modernist luxury of its high tech characteristics.


Living a side that this fireplace produces heat without smoke, embers or ash its most attractive feature may be the undisputed style and grace that will bring in any contemporary interior.


This airy constructs of concrete and metal are inspired by classical ‘30s fireplace shape and promote into the interior design not only timeless elegance and airy appearance but also unforgettable 360 – degree view of the fire. Technology set on a concrete base.



Those playful buckets offer stylish combination of concrete, glass and fire that is suitable for a wild variety of interiors. Outdoor or indoor, modernistic or classic, playful fire or solid base the designers have captured the balance that allows this Planika fireplace to bring vitality and elegance wherever is situated.