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Furniture Design Inspired by Concrete


Contemporary solid material that plays a significant role in artistic and stylish interior design … that’s right- concrete. Maybe it’s hard to guess but concrete is no longer a material only for solid structures like walls, bridge. In reality, many contemporary designers create wonderful modern furnishing as chairs, tables, bookshelves and much more from this underestimated material and thought it, introduce modernistic and artful note in the interiors that they work on.



Concrete has many advantages of use – it is stable and durable, it is functional and easy to clean (important circumstance when it comes to kitchens interior), it is stylish and innovative and it brings certain urban and modern flair to any interior.


Earliest and most popular use of concrete in the interior was in kitchen design. And here is one wonderful and contemporary example of it. This kitchen with island is an exclusive creation that combines elegant materials like leather, concrete, bleached walnut wood and marble into an amazing piece of interior handcraft and workmanship.


But the versatility of concrete use in the design expands further than functional kitchen- as per example in this elegant bookshelf – a piece of art itself. Its airy structure and simple, clear lines combine artistic appearance with functionality that is suitable for any modern interior.



dresser-frame-legs-solid- wood


One of the many advantages of the concrete is that- as an unconventional material- offers an amazing combination between simplicity and uniqueness. Like this drawer dresser – its wooden frame and legs carry certain glamor that transforms the wanted simplicity of the concrete into pure elegance.


Concrete and cement bathtubs– a classical supplementation, but thanks to artful play with forms and bases it turns into unique art form itself. Made in Ductal®, last-generation concrete, bathtubs combine high-tech recyclable materials with simple elegance and comfort.   Inspired forms, original supporting bases and innovative materials create artistic and graceful outlook for this simple everyday object.