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Raw Concrete House in Mexico by CHK arquitectura


With a strong resemblance to contemporary castle this unusual house situated near the Lake of Valle Bravo in Mexico will capture you with its geometrical forms, distinguished interior levels and strong integration of the surrounding vegetation. The premise is surrounded as a mediaeval castle with steep slopes, water dam –  river and dense forests. And true to that spirit it has only one entrance – through narrow bridge.

ceiling wood concrete

concrete wood entrance minimalism architecture

shelves hanging roof

living area fireplace

dining area cozy modern warm earthly colors

mexico house warm earthly colors

The inside spaces are distinguished by geometrical levels and curves, change of materials and clever integration of vegetation and natural components. The slight rustic element of some furniture, the exposed stone walls and the abundant use of wooden material (as tie – beams on the ceiling, as parquet on some of the floors and even as persiennes that give warm filter to the light coming through the windows) is cleverly balanced by some very unusual forms (rectangular shapes serving as shelves or hanging from the roof), metal rails and polished concrete, which create contemporary and modernistic final outlook of the space.

staircase paneled marble

raw concrete house entrance

lush green vegetation

raw concrete house integrated vegetation

raw concrete house garden

mexico house minimalism architecture

The color scheme stays true to the fusion idea of cozy and modern by combining the warm earthly colors, the natural wood appearance and the lush green of the vegetation with some strong punches of gray and charcoal. Altogether this project is firmly situated at the point where harsh nature meets uncompromising contemporary view.

clever integration vegetation natural components

pool area clever integration vegetation natural components

raw concrete house