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Cozy Restaurant with Playful Contemporary Design


The Spanish design studio Lagranja creates the interior of this artistic and stylish, cozy restaurant located at the gastronomic heart of central Barcelona. Its essence is fusion – fusion in the kitchen between classic Catalan cuisine and some more experimental dishes and a fusion of playful contemporary design with sophisticated elegance.




The welcoming signature of the space is the two ethereal geese hanging at the entrance; they cannot be passed without admiration. The impressive artistic suggestion transmits on to the designer’s lamps throughout the restaurant: some are replica of the iconic Rafael Marquina’s oil – vinegar set, some are cocoons of light and some have modern clear lines. Wood, granite and timber play significant role in the restaurant interior. Chairs, surfaces and utensils, catch the eye with their natural wooden color and presents but at the focal point no doubt is a huge wooden dish drainer – used as a screen and space divider.




The color base is in a neutral palette with basic tonalities of gray, white and beige but is refreshed by vital touches of blue, azure and light grass-green. So in the color scheme we find the same playful twist characteristic for the whole interior – elegant simplicity spiced up with artistic finishing touches.