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Tropical Resort With Sustainable Decor on Con Dao Island


The tropical Island of Con Dao – its turquoise sea and infinite white beaches, the dramatic mountains and luscious vegetation are the breathtaking background of this exotic resort. The Six Senses resort – as the name suggests – has a goal to tempt and enchants the visitor’s sensibilities by enhancing the preexisting natural conditions, beautiful views and extraordinary sense of nature carrying the feeling of elegant remoteness. The site became a luxurious privet refuge into the heart of exotic nature. The architects of the project have achieved to give a real identity to the resort without contradicting the natural landscape and with great sensibility towards every environmental and cultural aspect of the location.




The public buildings are clad in old Vietnamese doors, which is a clear statement in both environmental terms – re-using discarded construction materials, but also giving a sense of cultural identity.  Bridges are caring the visitors over the river beds and connecting the villas, untilled timber is cladding the buildings; wooden craft is the essence of the furnishing and natural materials are used all around to achieve an elegant simplicity – on and all the statement of the Nature is not underestimated.









Each building is designed as a timber frame structure and the privet villas are located at different natural sites providing exclusive views of the beach and forest. The butterfly roofs of the villas bring lightness to the interior and open the front of the buildings towards the sea, creating a spacious shaded area at the front. True to the environmental commitment the air-conditioned areas are reduced to the minimum- the bathrooms and living rooms are completely open to the outside natural ventilation carrying an abundance of light and sea breeze. The color scheme of the interior is guided by the natural wood color of the walls and furnishing and lively by some colorful emphasizes of yellow, orange and crispy green. The efforts of architects and designers to create an elegant resort that gives the sensation of living in the nature but in a luxurious way are successful.