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Trendy Apartment Decor with Geometric and Graphic Elements


This small apartment space situated in a trendy area of Cape Town is another wonderful example of how limited space can be converted into modern, comfortable art work whit strong identity and very functional architectural lines. The designers – AA Interiors, were guided by the maxima “less is more” and succeeded efficiently to utilize the furnishing and the limited storage space without compromising with the artistry and the elegance of the interior. The bookshelves are artwork installation, the glass partitions of staircase and rooms act as visual expanders of the space, art tables and architectural recesses provide additional storage.







The color base of the apartment is resolved in contrast black and white with tonality emphasis achieved by marble and tile surfaces. Urban Africa enters this simple contemporary elegance by some distinctive and colorful   geometric forms and graphic elements that carry rhythm and art into the atmosphere. The light, illuminating this elegant urban sanctuary, comes mainly thought the spacious windows carrying also fresh air and great view of the city but some of the lamps in the apartment deserve special attention too. The golden drop – shaped lamps hanging in the bedroom bring glamour, and sparkle color in the interior, the architectural lines of staircase and second level are straightened by some hidden lightning and in the bathrooms the lightning solution reflects very effectively by the marble surfaces. Cleverly used urban space, avant-garde exploitation of graphic forms and art, without overloading space and senses, an elegant contemporary furnishing and materials are the defining points of this modern African design.