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Modern Apartment Interior in Venice


Here is an absolute proof of how small and unpretentious space can be converted into example of modern and artistic interior design. The radically renovated apartment is owned by an art collector, and it’s located in Venice center near some of its most famous museums. Those circumstances outlined and influents the interior of the apartment – Venice and contemporary art are strong presents in the interior solution – whether with the ironic reverence to the Baroque decorations of the facades in the city represented in some unusual pieces of the furnishing – like the artistically shaped wall heater or the crocheted carpet – contemporary art and Venice sophistication are in the soul of this apartment.




The open living area whit its numerous windows looking over San Vio canal, the abundance of light and the white walls allow the small touches of colorful contemporary furnishing to truly stand out at the scene. Clever use of the space -with its hidden appliances and diagonal wardrobes- the unusual lines of the architecture and the elegant simplicity of the basic colors give the apartment a modern and fresh appearances.  Every detail of this small space stands out and evokes attention – the contemporary furnishing, the modern lamps and art pieces, the unusual carpet and heating solutions, they all speak of impeccable artistic presents.