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Gold and Turquoise Restaurant Decor in Barcelona


Inspired by the sea! That’s the short description of the new W hotel at Barcelona sea coast – the turquoise texture and reflections of the sea are strong presents in the interior of the restaurant, at the lounge and at the W beach club with direct access to the sea promenade. With sophisticated modern touch, the abundance of the sea and its ecosystems is represented – fish, seaweed, plankton and corals – everything is here formed with typical for W design signature featuring contemporary art and bold innovations.





The architects and designers of those spaces have created very unique ways to transfuse the outdoor and the indoor. Not only through the spacious terraces and the direct access from the seafront promenade but also through the colors and surfaces used to decorate the space – such as the mirrored sealing that reflects the turquoise light and the wave shapes of the sea. Another example of blending borders can be found at the panorama seating areas with their oddly shaped armchairs, interesting lighting solutions that give the space certain under water reflection and of course the choice of materials. Fine hardwood and brass, iron sheeting in geodesic shapes or the specially textured glass – these material combinations create a space full of energy and glamor.









The sea inspiration and space blending are represented especially strong in the color scheme. Shades of blue and turquoise, high lined by black and white are the surfaces inspirations that match the various shades of green for the furniture and the finishing touch of sparkled gold and glitter to represent the reflecting surface of the sea. Space and energy, light and color, sculptured shapes and contemporary furnishing and materials are the defining points of the design that leaves at the visitors the sensation of comfort and elegance.