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White Living Room Furniture and Decor Ideas by Paola Navone


The whole space of Baxter exhibition at Maison & Objet in Paris is transformed into a magical white fairytale land by the installation of designer Paola Navone.  Explosion of white and leather – cozy and crisp, smooth and matt, natural white and velvet like feeling – abundance of tones ( yes, that can be said for a single color, at least in this case)  and sensations, a real elegant feast for the senses. The exhibition reminds of cold winter’s day and icy castle but at the same time looks inviting, warm and cozy- how is that possible? Well first- there are those magnificent puffy Mongolia cushions tossed casually into some chairs and the deeply seated sofa, that invites and promise to surround you as a nest. Then there is the same Mongolian material used as upholstery for  the chairs that look so cozy and puffy, and at last but not least the impeccable lightening solution. Candlelight, peculiar knotted lamps, hanging ornaments of shining bulbs -that reminds us of snowflakes – are illuminating all the white tonalities of the leather and the unique forms of the furnishing, revealing a space of refined beauty with a touch of winter charm.



Looking around the dinner table there are 8 chairs and all of them with a different profile and special character, but of course all white, like the table itself, and with Baxter leather covering –white and leather, leather and white – the soul of the collection. The same uniqueness of character goes for all the chairs spread around the space. Describing those chairs it will be like describing persons – here is one with visible stitching on the back- it seems that is wearing a corset. There is a large armchair like a throne, with a carved wooden frame –it looks very dignified. What about those two chairs sitting under the guitar shaped mirror- it looks like they are trying to adopt its shape, but with certain puffiness on the edges. For this collection certainly can be said that being elegant and artistic does not exclude being playful and ironic.




Naturally the sofas and the ottoman do not make an exception when it comes to individuality and strong presents. There is a large deco-inspired leather sofa with spiral armrests that make you feel like entering the boudoir of madam Bovary. There is a sofa, with classic forms, large cushions on the seat and backrest that have visible stitching, that offers you an optical illusion with its printed leather.
Choosing to keep the materials white as well is a very smart choice. A chair from white iron curved like a lattice frame. Smooth leather cushions, white wood for the woven side tables, white flowers and ceramics placed over astonishingly mirrored table – what an elegant simplicity.
Altogether the objects of the collection look like they have made a long transforming journey from some imaginary northern place of yesteryear and arrived carrying an air of enchantment.