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Contemporary Beach House by Smart Design Studio


This beach house has a breathtaking view of ocean and mountain sites at the south-east coast of Australia. The architects have taken this under consideration when creating the elegant interior of the space so that these natural futures can be fully enjoyed by house guest and owners. The configuration of living spaces, privet rooms and garden, are carefully constructed so that the maximum of view, wind protection and sunlight is assimilated. Large walls of glass ensuring unobstructed infiltration of sunlight and view on the upper floor combined with deeply shaded terraces afforded by the generous cantilever roof. The base floor is cedar cladded with interesting corner solution of adjustable timber louvers and spacious glass wall/ doors orientated towards the ocean.

natural materials colors living room

white grey color scheme living room

elegant interior breathtaking ocean view

house breathtaking ocean view

Otherwise the forms and lines of the architectural structure are very simple and clean, there is noticeable alternation of void and solid, timber and glass, which relates to the rooms contained within- privet or more social. The gracious flow of the timber cladding, which in time will bleach as a driftwood under the influence of ocean wind and sun, and the local vegetation planted in the surrounding gardens consolidate the efforts of the house creators to completely blend the house style with its environment.

simple clean interior decor

cedar cladded house exterior

cedar cladded house garden

natural materials colors dining area

white grey color scheme decor

The interior design of the house fallows the simple and clean lines of the architectural solution and also adopts its approach to natural materials and colors. The white and grey color scheme strengthened by earthly colors and exposed wood does give certain serenity to the atmosphere that will never collide with the ever-changing scenery of the ocean.

large walls glass bedroom

white grey color scheme bathroom

natural materials colors bathroom

cedar cladded house 1

cedar cladded house

simple clean architectural structure

deeply shaded terraces