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Contemporary Home in an Old Building in Barcelona


Is it possible to design a modern home in a very old building? For today’s architects, it is a challenge but Isabel López Vilalta + Asotsiados proves that this is possible. They designed a small space in a building  from the beginnings of the century. It is located in the neighborhood of Sarrià, in Barcelona. The living room is open to the courtyard, which is well. Narrow corridor is paved with white ceramic tiles. The bedroom is separated from the main space. Bedroom is a box formed by doors.  Eye-catching furniture is chosen  for the living area.  All the materials used are simple, modern and eco-friendly.

living room re used wood doors

renovated space wooden doors separeted living room

renovated space wooden doors bedroom

withe tile bathroom 1

withe tile bathroom

contemporary home old building barcelona


renovated space barcelona

contemporary home exterior

ground floor renovation