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Western Style House in Taiwan


Western style house in Taiwan – nothing exotic -but stylish and elegant. Z-AXIS DESIGN was appointed to create this new building design in an old fashion Taiwanese – American neighborhood for a newlywed couple.

simple clean lines white beige–grayish interior

western style house taiwan living area

Simple clean lines, white, beige –grayish tonality for color baseline- it will be austere if it’s not for the breaking points of the iron blue wall,which certainly gets the leading role of the space and the interesting glassy-metal, sliding door, solution for dividing the living from dining areas. Because of the limited space at the first floor- white becomes the opening color tone punched and refreshed by some very cleverly used color ornaments like the grass-green wire frame which makes visual division of the space and acts as a focal point in this elegant floor solution.

grass green wire frame

limited space kitchenliving room

stylish elegant living room

glassy metal sliding door

simple clean lines white kitchen

western style house taiwan kitchen area

The second floor, with the master bedroom, carries on the color solution straighten by exposed wooden floor and some interesting area divisions. The abundance of daylight coming through the spacious window screening allows the differentiation of comfortable sitting- lying area and a working table. The sliding mirror with wire frame plays a double role -as an entrance to the bathroom and as a visual extension of the space. So thanks to its simple elegance and relaxing color scheme this house becomes a pretty pleasant space to inhabit.

simple elegance relaxing color

comfortable working table bedroom

western style house taiwan bedroom