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Stylish and Functional Floors – 2014 Trends


When considering interior design solutions  there is one very helpful note – Do not underestimate the importance of floor covering – rugs, carpets, parquet… whatever you decide to bring in your interior will have undoubted influence to the outcome of your home design. Also keep in mind that the flooring brings not only visual stimulation but appeals almost constantly on all our senses.


There is no other piece in our home, furnishing or surrounding that uphold such a constant contact with our body like the floor. So when making decisions about the floor covering  think not only for the aesthetic of you home but also about your spine and feet. If considering a solution for space in which you will spend a lot of time on foot, like kitchen, for example, do not throw yourself at hard surfaces like tile, stone or marble instead prefer timber, wood or parquet – those surfaces are not only stylish and easy to clean, but your feet will be grateful too.


floor-covering– rugs-carpets

But the physical comfort should not necessarily disagree with the aesthetics and the style of your interior design. Tanks to technical and designers innovation the spectrum of choices is wide and includes innovative materials such as organic polymers, chenille yarns and fiber cement, exquisite material mixes and of course the new  digital printing techniques allow  the appliances of various designs to almost all materials and even produce flat-woven carpet tiles in the vast spectrum of different colors. Honestly, nowadays you can have any color, any pattern or texture your imagination can think of, for the floor covering of your dream space.



Thinking classic and comfort – there is nothing better than a handmade carpet or rug.  There are many countries famous for their traditional handmade carpets and rugs like- Turkey, Iran, Morocco, Bulgaria and many others- in short there is abundant diversity available. So if you are set on such a choice you should get, not only very stylish and colorful craftsmanship, but also very healthy natural solution for materials (cotton, wool etc.) and keep in mind the coloring techniques for the fibers are almost certainly with natural dye and in traditional local style. So why not support fair-trade and local producers and at the same time get amazing stylish and natural looks for your interior aesthetics. While on the subject – knitted rugs are relatively innovative solution that is rapidly becoming a fashionable choice.


Not such a big fan of rustic and traditional? Well, there are handmade carpet solutions in much more contemporary theme – designer pieces inspired by movies or music, recycle –reuse theme incorporated in carpeting made from bicycle tubes or disused V-belts – as said before no limit to the imagination.



Still the big renaissance in parqueting hints that classical, elegant views are not to be neglected. Actually precisely parqueting floors suggest that there is big fusion between old fashion style and technical innovation. The vintage wave has left its mark even on timber floors-artificially aged oak floorboards and parquet made of recycled timber beams are now exuding the charm of the old and used thanks to the technical innovations in the sphere.
So no matter what you choose- classic hand made carpet or rug, woven or knitted flooring do not forget to think – color, comfort and craftwork.