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Еlegant Modern Living Space by TG – Studio


Joining two separate apartments at 1880’s building located in the heart of London (near Hyde Park) TG Studio creates elegant modern living space in a location that hasn’t been renovated for over 40 years. The designers won the commission by suggesting some major changes with the architectural layout of the space (merger of rooms, moving the entertainment area in the front, forming a new corridor, etc.) combined with bold and stylish approach to the interior design, The project successfully merges modern innovations and appliances, for a comfortable lifelifestyle, with thoughtful attention to the art elements of the interior; the heated floors trough the apartment are covered with stylish wood panels, the kitchen is hilly functional with clean lines and minimalistic, individually manufactured design.




Every room and space in this apartment deserves special attention thanks to its unique architectural solution, high quality furnishing and artful elements that bring modern but earthly look to the outcome. The bathrooms – finished in grey marble and wood paneling are exceptionally stylish but not boring thanks to a few art elements and splashes of color. In the master bedroom, the attention is drawn by the oak and metal cantilevered bookshelves that are custom made for this space. The whole interior of the apartment is decided in the classical beige- gray –whitish tonality but with livening notes of dazzling blue, yellow and red. Very playful indeed- the whole apartment interior is revolving around that- clean classical lines and colors with dazzling art elements like the cushions of the sofa- reference to Picasso painting- or the stone sculptures placed at the custom made shelves and African design tables. An apartment created to stimulate the imagination as well as the sense of style and elegance.








classical-beige- gray–whitish-tonality-bedroom