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Modern Radiators Design by Italian Brand Tubies


Products designed to shape the interior landscape as well as heat it- is the best way to describe the artful radiators created by the Italian brand Tubes. That confirms something we always felt – those practical, utilitarian parts of the interior need not to be odd to the aesthetic of the homes. And here are some marvellous examples of how those parts of a heating system can transform heating into an art form. When decorating your space you no longer need to disguise, hide or simply neglect the radiator and the heater as something that “just need” to be there because of its practical use, no, radiators now can be regarded as things that have a justifiable visual presence in the interior.



These products are situated at the point of contact between product design and architecture and thanks to their versatility can act as a space dividers or space definers- even. The radiators and the towel rails can come in horizontally and vertically oriented versions. Truly playful and creative approach are using undulating radiator and its fluid lines that give the product a truly three-dimensional, textural presence, creating fascinating visual dynamics of light and shadow, solid areas and voids. Surprisingly, a creatively made, and situated heater can bring vivid and artistic touch in even the most industrial or austere spaces.



The good news is that to have radiators as architectural or design element and sculpture you need not to compromise with its quality or energy efficiency. There are available innovative solutions in terms of both design and technical features. The products fabricated from wire-drawn, recyclable aluminum or low-carbon-content steel combine lower energy consumption with superlative heat exchange and never the last an uncompromised approach to aesthetics.


Tanks to material and technological innovations you can choose- according to the architectural and designers view of the landscape- the size, shape, color and texture of your space heater, radiator or towel rails. Now days you can obtain no matter what – a standard or customized solution, a product that is hand-finished by craftsmen or a modern radiator that is a sculpture and a piece of art itself. It is a new era where the utilities are no longer a nuisance in the landscape aesthetic, they are wanted artistic presents and finishing touch in the interior design.