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Geometric Pattern Rugs and Poufs by Golran


These carpets are modern but woven by very old kilim technique. Patterns, and color palettes ware selected by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. Triangles collection of rugs made with the kilim technique wеre combined with poufs. These products are part of Golran‘s contemporary collection of rugs.






The collection consists of three different models of carpets made with the kilim technique; some of which are available in an array of colors; all of which have been created with a new spirit incorporating ancient techniques into modern styles, and using the finest wools, silks, and natural materials. All styles start with an investigation into the weaving technique of the kilim in order to then emphasize the inherent diagonal lines and horizontal features.

The whole collection is based on the geometric form of the triangle, reiterated to form a grid of different patterns, from which diamond and hexagonal shapes emerge. The color play pairs up slightly contrasting tones, creating woven kaleidoscopic rugs. This color harmony and pattern research perfectly links the historical background to this new contemporary context. To emphasize the geometries and plays of color, the designer has created poufs in different forms to be combined and contrasted with a carpet for a complete look corresponding to certain expressions of contemporary art.