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Eclectic Contemporary Apartment with Ethnic Touch


In this extraordinary apartment design by Fimera, the elegant architectural solution is combined with a bold vision and fine piece of workmanship. It is created and inhabited with fleetness and refinement. Each detail is thoughtfully identified and developed but at the same time creates remarkably complete concept. The space is intriguing without being eccentric. It is also soft and reassuring without being monotonous.



The architectural signature is defined by functional use of each space and every corner. The entree to the living room is decided with small vestibule excluding the dark and unnecessarily long corridor otherwise typical in the region. Very impressive entrance sensation is created by vast, touch-ceiling doorway leading towards the living area and the unique designer’s clock at the forecast point of the viewer.


The eclectic fusion of the styles can be noticed in each small detail of the décor; from the designer’s bamboo lamp to the ethnic knitted upholstery of the cushions.


Small reading spot is differentiated by ingenious use of the main supporting column; by a very clever architectural and designer’s touch the column converts into a fireplace at one side and a television at the other. The natural light filtering thought the spacious windows combined with a wide range of earth colors from white to beige and polished wood creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere.




The living room consists of three designated areas. The sitting and dining areas are spacious and comfortable with distinguished furnishing. The emphasis on the elegant eclectic begins with the authentic Chiprovtsi carpet in bright red which brings the line of playfulness with styles. The carpet itself needs some special attention; it is from the owner’s heritage and it comes from worldwide known area in Bulgaria –Chiprovtsi – famous with its handmade wool carpets with naturally colored fibers and unique patterns. This dazzling ethnic touch is artfully contradicted with the clean lines of the sofa and the polished concrete of the wall which brings slightly industrial appearance of the space. The composition is complemented by small cafe table with Scandinavian design.




The dining area follows the eclectic context of the design by introducing chairs and dining table set in contemporary interpreted socialistic esthetic. The remarkable furnishing solution that is created by the noteworthy Bulgarian studio Design Apparat is the final art touch that brings this apartment interior to the heights of world’s top interior design settings.



The kitchen solution setting is particularly interesting. It makes a half circle thought the space using Kitchen Island countertop as a bar plot dividing the dining form the cooking area. Entirely decided in white, the kitchen furnishing and appliances bring unostentatious sensation of modern interior design.


This apartment interior is striking for the simple way it combines contemporary objects, either integral to the architecture or as a part of the décor, with rustic and ethnic elements to create a functional and modern space. Interior Design by Fimera. Photos by  Alexander Novoselski.