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Wood Panel Wall – 3D cladding by Wonderwall Studios


In a world that destroys itself every given second, architects and designers are obliged to plan their products’ impact on the environment. Interior design in present days would be suicidally arrogant without the conscious use of space, resources and natural material.


One contemporary approach that fulfills the requirements for environmental thought and fresh and solid design are the 3D cladding. Wood panel walls are more and more often to be seen as a clever decision for the interior (not only) of rich and famous. It’s basic functions are that gives depth and curves to the space and provides a healthy dose of isolation. But when combined with clever lighting it has even bigger impact to the eye, creating unique relaxed and natural ambiance, which helps to build up intimate atmosphere for cafes, clubs and restaurants. It can be either simultaneously programmed in 3D and then cut and carved by machines, or simply made piece-by-piece by hand, giving it even more details to be amazed by.


A good recent example for that craftsmanship comes from dutch interior wall covering manufacturer Wonderwall Studios. They met the Mister Important Design  for the creation of the interior of the newly opened Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs, California, which original building dates from the late 70’s.


So, the interior solution became a fusion between the colorful style of the Coachella music and art festival and the warm feeling of Palm Springs. In addition to that the hotel presents carefully selected artworks and installations by new and established acts that fill in the context of rock music history. The wood panels here help to recreate the vibe of the golden rock days and make it more friendlier and cozy in the lobby and the restaurant. The hotel also offers 163 rooms and suites, “Rock Shop” and “Rock Spa” and a nightclub set to open within the next months.