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Home Decorating Color Trends for 2014


People tend to give teams, emphasize on certain aspects of each year and defined them as the year’s demarcation points. 2014 may be the wooden blue house year, according to the Chinese calendar, but when it comes to color trends – well- Pantone Color Institute point to Radian Orchid as the color of the New Year.


So embrace yourself, this particular color shade may be a bit tricky for casual appliance in your interior design style. Radian Orchid is bold and unique color, so when set to, applied it as interior touch in your home you must go daring also! Here are some pin points that may help you to create elegant and at the same time glamorous sensation using the shades of orchid.


First acquaint yourself well with the deep variety of tints and tones of orchid that may be found. It is a member of the violet color family, and you can find it in tones that range from grayish purple to purplish-pink to strong reddish purple. It is rich, isn’t it – as rich and assorted as the orchid flowers may be in the nature. So you actually have vast canvas to be creative.


Second step is to determent which colors and tints will fit harmonically with each other. That of course is a matter of taste and perception but here are some basics with which you can’t go wrong; Radiant Orchid will spruce up the interior when used as discreet lining to deeper hunter greens or olive. When paired with turquoise, teal, light yellow offers surprisingly gorgeous combinations that will refresh even the most austere space. Actually thanks to its boldness orchid will energize and liven up almost any neutral color palette including the classical gray, beige and pale blue.


Don’t forget the golden rule- less is more- and when talking of elegance is compulsory. Adding simple and discreet touches as a vase, cushion, singular chair or using orchid as a border against crisp white will obtain glamor and elegance unachievable with ornate.


But in the end, don’t be a perfectionist, live a little, break the rules – radiant orchid is precisely the color for that. With its playful and vital character orchid is rightfully the color of the year. It can brightens the most boring and pale palette. In interior design, there is a point, when a room to perfect becomes boring – there is nothing to catch the eye, nothing memorable or outstanding. A small detail, a misplaced element in orchid or a touch of the brush can be the rule breaker or the “mistake” that will save the day.


Tired of Radiant Orchid or simply not so big fen? Do not despair, there are some other trends in color design -you might find yourself infatuated with. Cobalt, navy blue or any shade of blue really- from dark indigo to bright, vibrant blue will dominate many of the design scenes this year. Dazzling blue wall can make miraculous with even the most boring white interior. Violet tulip will bring such a serene atmosphere in your bedroom. Truly neutral grays and bright whites always will have the sway.

radiant-orchid-bocadolobo-furnitureDark moody black walls for more adventurous house owners, accents of cooper and purple layered with gold for a living room or coral for the bedroom are some of the extreme and provocative trend examples for 2014. Generally the kaleidoscope of colors in this year will embrace a variety of punchy, bold and vital accents that will liven up the interior design. Looking forward to it.