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Modern Decorating with Houseplants


The trends in interior gardening are an inseparable part of the concept of interior design and can change dynamically in accordance with the newest flows in architecture and furnishing. Houseplants and green walls are beautiful design accessory which can be easily integrated in the architecture and in the newest trends of interior design. They can be used as space dividers, accents of the interior or just as a fresh note in the house design.


Big gardens are traditional for houses in tropical climate and often the living room area is open towards the green space of the garden. In this case, the scale of the living area is so vast that allows the introduction of a whole tree in the interior. The massive staircase and the whiteness of the walls are a wonderful decor for the accent of the plant.


The inside garden with luxuriantly growing plants separates very ingeniously the doorway and the staircase from the living room with its comfy sofas. With a very clever touch, the direct sun light exalts the sensation of open space.


That green wall is planned as an integral part of the staircase in the modern tropical house. The concrete pots are part of the architectural frame of the house and with the help of carefully selected plants create the much needed in tropical climate shadow and moisture. At the same time, with discreet artistic touch they bring a kaleidoscope capture of sunlight beams.


In modern architecture and design the green walls are very often used as a whimsical touch to fluctuate otherwise austere atmosphere in a traditional office spaces. In this office interior, the working spaces are separated by barriers from beautiful, natural colored wall-nut wood which gives the sensation of rustic craft work. The staircase follows the same theme and leads to the second level of the space where the green wall emphasizes the sense of nature brought in the office.


And again, in this modern interior the vertical green structure is chosen to break the straight lines and the austere appearance of the space. The metal pots planted with fast growing vegetation are used as a tracery for dividing and refining of the space.


Here is one remarkable project of a hairdressing salon in which the working space is separated from the waiting room by elegant metal construction. The construction is light and airy, and the vegetation is situated unostentatiously so that the whole sense of the space is one of light elegance.


One beautiful interior of a restaurant with an emphasis on the artistic touch. The choice of house plants is unconventional but with strong visual effect and in harmony with the upholstery of the sitting area. The ornamented windows allow a glimpse of the outside gardening which brings additional completion to the whole space.


Here is one new or nearly forgotten idea of a decorative net structure for holding the plant pots which can be a very attractive addition to the design of the home. The artistic knotted pattern is a new interpretation of the traditional macrame style. The hanging object itself creates visual stimulation which naturally attracts the glimpse of the observer.