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Stunning Modern Bachelor Apartment


Speed, performance, sleek lines, complex and delicate craftsmanship, a motor vehicle that is like a beast with explosive power… this is every man’s dream. The owner of this apartment, a bachelor with distinct tastes for design and performance, has an unusual love for racecars. Originating from classic concepts in power aesthetics, we based the design of functional areas and spatial structure on the spirit of the brand, professional race track profiles, and body curves in race cars.


Sharp corners and straight lines are used to create different spaces and a smooth flow. There is minimal use of ceiling lights, but ambient lights help set the mood instead. Appropriate amount of lighting control circuits and touch controls make the lighting system easy to operate and energy efficient. In terms of materials and color, the focus remains on the racecar theme, and refined and coarse materials are used in conjunction with each other. Hard surfaces are joined together with other materials through impeccable workmanship, reflecting the attention to detail in the design.

The hallway, TV wall, shoe rack, audiovisual equipment, personal storage and shoe bench and other daily functional items are designed and strategically placed through the concepts and ideas obtained from race car intake valves, diversion lines, and vehicle body curves. From the wall facade to the ceiling take on a professional racetrack profile, and it is where hidden lighting and air conditioning equipment are located. Raised floors help to create different areas and maximize the use of space that encompass the kitchen, dining area, work area and guest room. Specially designed dining chairs and work chairs reinforce the theme. This same theme is carried out throughout the master bedroom, dressing room, ensuite bathroom, as well as the second washroom. All of them are designed with sharp yet fine lines, ideas that are adopted from racecars. While different areas are connected, each area still maintained its individual style.

In this modern bachelor apartment, TBDC departs from traditional concepts and starts its design with the owner’s childhood dream. With each rumbling of the engine, a beautiful space is created that is both unique and loved.