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Restaurant Decor With Bright Colors


A place you can eat, feel cozy and have fun with friends. This restaurant specializes in gourmet sandwiches but are so artistic with its decor, that you can spend all day long. FGMF Arquitetos designed Deliqatê  restaurant and looks like a big steel gray structure.


The artworks have a remarkable presence in the project. The high-ceiling area at the entrance is occupied by a big hanging structure that is lit up at night and is part of the composition of the building and its relation with the outdoors area. At the ground floor, one of the faces of the terrain is occupied almost entirely with a panel made of hydraulic tiles by the artist Fábio Flaks, which crosses the whole restaurant and ends at the backyard, creating a connection between different spaces.

White and grey predominate in the floors, walls and ceiling of the entire project, whereas other more bright colors can be found in the furniture and artworks.  the brick-surface aspect was part of the project after it was finished, as a kind of reminiscence of what was there before the new building. The existence of three table area highlights the idea to make more subtle the separation between indoors and outdoors and to make possible having lunch, dinner or even an ordinary coffee among trees, leaves and flowers, almost as an urban oasis.