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Furniture for Creative Workers- COW


Merging quality with functionality and sustainability is a very Nordic concept. COW furniture series has added another layer to this mindset – it is geared towards the creative worker, making desks, box-system, tables and other storage units to complement and enhance the work environment of those whose main asset is their brain – the knowledge-workers.


These days, working in the creative field is more and more about collaboration. Different projects, different teams, different ways of approaching your work. Small offices and creative hubs need furniture that is more adaptable, more customisable to different needs, yet at the same time stylish, solid and sustainable. COW furniture line offers comprehensive solution for furnishing the office or work environment: box-system allow to create a whole new management system for all physical data – different frames and 5 types of boxes provide endless possibilities to compile, combine and categorise all papers, equipment and other materials; for the concentrated work there are desks with smart shelf under the tabletop, the perfect place to hide all those tangled wires, adapters, HDDs, etc. and there are tables for the brain storming.

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